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Digital Check-Up for Physicians: 10 Ways You Can Improve Your Online Reputation

Posted by Elise Hamann on September 6, 2018


For physicians of every type, your online visibility plays an increasingly critical role in your practice’s success. Favorable reviews and ratings can help bring new patients through your door. Conversely, a negative online portrayal can do just the opposite.

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Leading Sports Medicine Physician Attracts More Patients, Improves Clinical Outcomes

Posted by Elise Hamann on September 5, 2018

The Challenge

Dr. Conenello was seeing a noticeable shift in patient care: an increasing number of his patients were inquiring about alternatives to surgery so they could get back on their feet sooner and feel better faster. Traditional treatment options, many of which involved sidelining patients for six weeks in a boot, required a wait-and-see approach that felt dated. Dr. Conenello wanted to offer his patients an innovative approach that reflected their needs and was both evidence-based and clinically proven.

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Podiatrist’s Integration of EPAT Improved Patient Outcomes and Increased Practice Revenue

Posted by Elise Hamann on September 4, 2018

The Challenge

Podiatric Surgeon Dr. Joaquin Balaguer was interested in finding additional ways to grow his thriving practice and improve patient outcomes. His focus was integrating new and innovative technologies to support changing demands: many of his patients had been asking about non-invasive treatment options as an alternative to surgery, and Dr. Balaguer was particularly interested in shock wave. However, he had tried another company’s shock wave device and it did not provide the results he knew his patients deserved. As a result, Dr. Balaguer was both wary of the technology and concerned that a new device could be a poor investment.

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Shock Waves in Sports Medicine: A Research Overview for Physicians

Posted by Elise Hamann on August 15, 2018

Nowadays, Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) is increasingly becoming a well-established treatment option that’s used throughout a variety of medical disciplines. Many studies have reinforced the effectiveness and safety of both focused and radial ESWT, particularly for the treatment of musculoskeletal pathologies.

Such studies provide valuable insights to physicians who use or are considering using ESWT in their own practices. The complete compilation of research is documented in detail in the Level 10 Series of books, with each book focusing on a different medical specialty. 

Shock Waves in Sports Medicine. This overview can serve as a helpful precursor to give you a glimpse of what you’ll find in the complete Level 10 book. We’ve highlighted a few different sections in addition to providing a full listing of research conducted by well-respected, internationally-known medical experts. Highlights includes the following: 

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Research Analysis: What is the Correlation of Shock Wave and Patient Satisfaction?

Posted by Elise Hamann on August 13, 2018

Insights from Award-Winning Research Presented at this Year’s APMA Conference

For physicians who rely on shock wave as a treatment option for their patients—and for physicians who are still considering integrating it into their practice—it’s important to continually share critical findings that help other medical professionals stay focused on patient care and satisfaction.

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You Asked: What’s the Best Way to Treat Plantar Fasciitis

Posted by Elise Hamann on August 6, 2018

Originally published in the June 2018 issue of TIME Health

With 2 million Americans suffering from plantar fasciitis, a growing number of doctors are integrating shock wave technology to initiate repair and regrowth of damaged fascia. This treatment option is cited as having “ the highest level of evidence for anything we do for plantar fasciitis” – and according to one physician, “is the closest thing we have to a miracle cure.”

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Treating Heel Pain: A 2018 Update

Posted by Elise Hamann on July 12, 2018

Originally published in the June/July issue of Podiatry Management

What do other physicians say about their medical approach to the most common of all podiatric concerns, plantar fasciitis? Hear from a panel of DPMs who are well-versed in heel pain – and learn how methods including EPAT have led to better patient outcomes and economic benefits for their practice.

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7 Simple Ways to Create More Compelling Physician Presentations

Posted by Elise Hamann on June 11, 2018

For physicians and medical professionals, presentations are a powerful way to communicate your message. Whether your intent is to educate, strengthen your case on an issue, or prompt your audience to take action, a compelling presentation can help your audience better understand and believe what you’re telling them.

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From EPAT to Riding The Waves: How One Pro Athlete Tackled His Pain

Posted by Elise Hamann on May 23, 2018

Professional athletes risk injury every time they train, practice and compete. Given the often-demanding level of physical activity, it’s no surprise that they are often more susceptible to acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain.

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Spring Event Round-Up! 8 Healthcare Topics That Were Part of the Buzz

Posted by Elise Hamann on May 15, 2018


With so many changes in healthcare to include the introduction of new technologies and approaches to treating patients, it can be a challenge to stay on top of it all.

One way we like to keep our finger on the pulse of all things healthcare is through trade shows, conferences and other meetings.

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